how to fluff a Christmas tree

How to Fluff a Christmas Tree?

Does your Christmas tree look a little out of sorts? Is it not as full or fluffy as it used to be? This can happen to even the best trees, both real and fake. It’s important that you keep your needles pliable and on the tree until the holiday season is over. The only thing that’s going to keep your tree in great shape is water and a lot of it. Think of it as a prickly green pet.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do for your tree once the needles start to fall.

However, if you have an artificial tree, you have more options. When you pull your tree out of storage after a year of collecting dust, the branches are going to be flat. Fortunately, you can fluff these up pretty easily.

The most important thing to remember is to start from the bottom and work your way up. If you start from the top, you’re going to have an issue trying to get the branches where they need to go.

Start with the back of the branch. You do this so that once you’re to the front, you’ll have a better idea as to where you need to fill it in to give it a fuller look. The fingers on the branch are going to be in sections of three. It’s ideal to make the rear one perpendicular.

For the ones in the front, there will be five fingers. The three on the top should face outward and the other two should be down so it looks like a star blowing up in your face.

Lastly, put the top of the tree together and push it down to make it even and blend together with the rest of your Christmas tree.

There you have it! That’s how to fluff a Christmas tree.