person standing in the sun wondering when was the last time christmas eve was on a sunday

When Was the Last Time Christmas Was On a Sunday?

When Christmas falls on a Sunday, megachurches will not hold worship services that fall on that day. It is a move that has created much controversy among evangelical Christians.

The leaders of these megachurches say that their decisions help keep with their “family friendly” approach and they are compensating in other ways.

Canceling worship on Christmas is a phenomenon that happens in the megachurch. There have been at least eight megachurches in the country that have canceled their services on this day.

These churches mainly exist in Ky, Tx, Ga, SC, Mich. and Atlanta. Christmas on Sunday is an unusual event in itself. However, most other megachurches remain open.

Within a 28-year cycle, Christmas will fall on a Sunday in 11 years, 6 years, then 5 years, and 6 years again.

The last time Christmas was on a Sunday was in 2016. It will fall on a Sunday in 2022 and 2033.