Christmas moss growing on tree stump

What is Christmas Moss and what does it have to do with Xmas?

I’m always on the lookout for new, fun and trending Christmas decorations. When I first heard about Christmas moss I thought that it surely had something to do with Xmas decorations. However, I soon realized that it had very little to do with Xmas other than the name itself.

So, what is Christmas moss really?

No, it’s not a special type of moss you throw over or under your Christmas tree that makes it stay fresh longer. This type of moss, also called Xmas moss or Vesicularia Montagnei, is a plant that normally gets used in aquariums.

It gets its name from the fact that the moss shoots hang down and overlap similar to Christmas trees. It’s also green in color which causes further resemblance. In nature, it normally grows near ponds and river banks and forest areas with high humidity.

Areas such as India, Japan, and China frequently contain the moss.

Be sure to read more about it at

It’s also possible and actually very easy to purchase it over the internet. I’ve found various sources selling them on Amazon, eBay and more.

Using moss for Xmas decoration

moss tree

I discovered this interesting Christmas tree decoration on Pinterest from Magia Mia. She created a Christmas tree using a metal base, moss (possibly Christmas moss), a star and a few other elements.

It seems like moss can be used in decorating for the holidays. I even found someone selling a moss shaped tree on Amazon.

See below.

tree from Amazon created with moss

It’s not the most pretty tree around, but I can definitely add to your collection of decoration items.


I know that Christmas moss is not really for decorating at Xmas, but as you can see, it is possible to use it for just that. I love the way it looks! I have a feeling that if you were to incorporate it into your decorations this year, that all your visitors will be in awe. Children will most certainly want to touch it!

If you have any other clever decorating tips and elements you use, please send them over and we can maybe turn them into a blog post!