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5 Simple Xmas gift idea categories for men

A big part of Christmas is getting each other gifts. For many, that’s all that it is an about which is a complete shame. Either way, there is nothing wrong with appreciating those you love by buying them a lovely gift for Xmas.

However, often those you’re looking to get presents for seem to have everything they need, or you just can’t seem to decide what to get them. Don’t be like those who wait until the very last minute to get a gift; it usually doesn’t end well.

As it’s just over 70 days before Christmas, I got the idea to start a series of gift ideas for men. This post will be the first of a few to come and aimed at general gifts that you can get almost any guy. I hope this series will help you find something for your loved one that they will enjoy, appreciate and use. There’s nothing worse than a gift you get that you don’t use.

If the list doesn’t help, the best idea is just to ask them what they need or would like you to get them. Ideas for the list came courtesy of Keep in mind that this isn’t the ultimate list of men’s gift ideas, but it should point you in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at some categories and ideas

Whiskey or a nice quality bottle of something: Most men prefer some type of alcohol and only drink a particular type on special occasions. Usually, this means that the bottle is either expensive or hard to come by. For some, it’s brandy, others vodka or whiskey. Go all out; guys love to brag about their expensive bottle of alcohol they got for Christmas.

Socks, ties or some unique wearable fashion item: If your man is a corporate guy, a nice pair of socks might be much more appreciated than you think. If you’re buying for a 20 something student, a cap, hoodie, shirt or even a pair of flip-flops would be ideal. You could even buy them a custom jumper.

Cutlery, a one of a kind foodie package, a cookbook: Men love to eat, and some love the cooking process even more than eating the food itself. You can buy make-your-own cured Salmon packs, a ticket to a cooking class. There are so many options here.

Fitness accessories: Need I say more? The fitness accessories and gadget industry are booming. Guys that train a lot might enjoy owning the latest Fitbit, getting a year subscription to Men’s Health Magazine or even getting his next month of protein shakes as a gift.

Grooming: Some guys are more into grooming than girls. That makes it easy to get them a present. Try the classic shaving combo package or fragrance deal. It’s something that men can always use and never can have enough of.