Designer Christmas tree kits from Elegant Beauty

Amazing designer Christmas tree kits from Elegant Home Beauty

In this post, I’d like to feature Elegant Home Beauty’s designer Christmas tree kits. Believe me, when I say, you’ll experience Christmas on a whole new level with these decoration kits. They are stylish, themed and unforgettable!

I discovered one of their kits on a Facebook group earlier this week. Immediately I knew that it would make an amazing blog post. Just take a look at the image below. That’s how your tree can look this Christmas.

Can you imagine welcoming people into your home, office or even business for a Christmas party with your tree covered in all these decorations? They’ll think you hired an expert designer to set up the tree for you!

xmas tree cozy home

In fact, that’s exactly what you’ll get with these Christmas tree decoration kits. By using them you’ll be able to effortlessly decorate your tree.

That’s the whole idea behind these kits according to Martha from Elegant Home Beauty. They wanted to enable people to purchase an all-inclusive decorative display designed to save time, be cost-effective and allow for an effortless, exquisite decorating display.

In fact, that’s exactly what they were able to achieve. They currently offer three different tree decoration kits. Each is as elegant, beautiful and detailed as the next. All the decorative items included in the kits come in storage boxes to help you protect them and use them on multiple occasions.

Different types of Christmas tree decoration kits offered

Each tree decoration kit comes with a very long list of decorative items. I’m not going to list all of them here. You can find them on their website below. I’m going to briefly show you the different kits available and talk about the theme used.

Scarlet night

scarlet red design

The Scarlet red theme reminds me of traditional Christmas decorations. It includes elegant reds, whites, and greens. She has even included red and white Eucalyptus leaves to use as toppers.

My opinion is that if you don’t like to take chances with colors and theming, this option is for you. By no means does it mean that it’s lesser in some way. It’s still very stylish and elegant.

Find out more about the Scarlet Red kit here.

Cozy Cottage

white star cozy design

The Cozy Cottage design was the first tree kit I saw, and it’s definitely something special to look at. Colors used include white and gold. They created a big star to use as the topper and covered it in the snow to give you that cozy warm Christmas feel.

Imagine this tree in the background while it’s snowing outside and you’ve got a fire burning in your fireplace. That’s enough to make any house feel like a home!

Find out more about the Cozy kit here.


fairy tale decoration design

The last tree kit is called the Glamorous Fairytale. I like all of the tree kits mentioned, but this one belongs in a magazine! The theme followed includes the use of a variety of different colors such as black, white, pink and gold.

It comes with mauve and black mums, feathers, sparkling things, and even porcelain and glass ornaments. This is glamour at it’s very best!

Find more information about the Glamour Fairytale kit here.


Thanks to Martha from Elegant Home Beauty LLC for giving me permission to use her beautiful images and feature her awesome products in my blog post! If you are a designer or someone that creates unique Christmas themed items, please contact me and I’ll feature you next!