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Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree With Lights – 10+ (Best For 2021)

The holiday season is a magical time! Essential to a Christmas holiday season is the classic Xmas tree, with the vintage ceramic Christmas tree a great addition!

These ceramic trees are small but able to create a perfect holiday setting. In this guide, I’ll show over 10 of my favorite trees for 2021!

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My selection of best Ceramic Christmas trees for 2021

Ceramic Pre-lit Christmas Tree by Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products ceramic tree
If you are looking for a vintage porcelain Christmas tree that lights up and is straightforward, then this Xmas decoration from Best Choice Products is a great option. It’s one of the most popular pieces for the holidays on the list.

This item is hand-painted and comes with a 7 pointed star topper matched with a glossy finish. It includes a built-in power cord (5ft in length) and a power switch that eliminates the need for batteries. It looks beautiful in a room that is dimly lit!

-Glossy finish
-7 pointed star at the top
-Includes a 5ft power cord
-Includes 50 multi-colored bulbs
-Color: dark and green



Pelton Crafts Ceramic Tree With Lights

Pelton Crafts
The Pelton Crafts lighted Xmas tree is another popular and beautiful ceramic decorative item that will light up any family room. It comes with tons of bulbs!

The tree has a red 5 pointed star standing high at the top. It’s one of the tallest ceramic Christmas trees for sale on my list while other options measure up to 15 1/2 inches.

Also included with the product is a tube light that works well to illuminate light inside the figurine. The plastic lights do not come attached, which means this makes for an excellent unboxing experience.

Get your kids involved and show them how to insert the bulbs. This way, you can arrange it just the way you or your kids want it.

-Painted glossy finish
-5 pointed star at the top
-Includes many different colored bulbs
-Dimensions (inch): 15 x 15 x 15
-Design: A combination of dark green and white



Lenox Lighted Christmas Figurine

lenox tree - unique type of design decorations
The Treasured Traditions XmasTree is one of the smaller sized Ceramic Xmas Trees for sale on Amazon.

It’s lovely and covered in gold decorations. It looks very festive, measuring approximately 11 inches in height.

The ceramic tree includes a power source. Each bulb is not lit individually. Instead, the inner light source makes all the bulbs shine from the inside. The result is a softer glow.

-Detailed gold accents on the star and garland
-Fitted with LED lighting
-Weighs approximately 2.2lbs
-Dimensions (inch): 10 x 5 x 11.5
-Color: White and gold combination
-Includes standard Lenox replacement plan



Treasures by Diane tabletop vintage Ceramic Christmas tree

Treasures by Diane 19 inch

This Ceramic Xmas decoration from treasures by Diane is a beautiful, almost alive, tree. It is a handmade 19-inch piece that looks gorgeous and makes any setting type it’s placed in feel festive.

It also comes with a 40-watt incandescent bulb for colorful lighting. On the top, you can find a red topper decorative ornament.

Treasures by Diane ensure that it is wrapped with special care so that it does not break upon delivery, and you can enjoy it without hassle.

-Handmade earthenware Christmas piece
-Dimensions (inch): 12 x 12 x 19
-Green/White glaze on for beautiful shine
-Weight: 9 Pounds



Teresa’s Ceramics Xmas Tower

Teresa's Ceramics
What an oddly shaped lighted ceramic Christmas tree this is, you might think; however, to me, it feels quirky and unique. It’s a very creative piece by Teresa’s Ceramics.

It comes with a green ceramic base with a light bulb and a power cord.

The ceramic tree is covered with a rainbow full of lights and has a prominent red star at the top. If you’re looking for something different and made with a lot of love, this will be a good fit.

Imagine putting three of these all in different sizes next to each other on a table. It would look stunning!

-Handmade thin non-traditional tree
-Multi-color lights and red topper
-Comes with a green bottom and shade
-Height: 16 inches



Treasures by Diane Green Base

Treasures by Diane ceremic
This is another handmade piece from Treasures by Diane. While maybe not as famous as the white stand model previously mentioned, it’s a very nostalgic piece that might remind you of your childhood.

Its lights are glued into holes and stands 16-inches tall. Unfortunately, the top lacks a hole to place a topper in. Since its lights are glued into the holes, keep in mind that they cannot be moved around manually.

-Vintage ceramic Christmas tree with lights design
-Multicolored lights
-Weight: 6 Pounds
-Dimensions (inch): 10 x 10 x 16
-Color: green



Atlantic Molds 25 inch lighted version

Atlantic Molds
If you’re looking for a snowy Christmas, this white ceramic tree with lights from Atlantic Molds is perfect.

The style does not go overboard when it comes to decorating. It looks good at the center of a table with a striking shade of white.

The product features a gold star at the top with removable lights. Standing at 25-inches high, this is one of the largest lighted ceramic Christmas trees on the list. It weighs approximately 20 pounds.

-Very tall tree at 25 inches in height
-Easy to set up and clean
-Dimensions (inch): 15 x 15 x 25
-Weight: 20 Pounds
-Color: white



Lenox Pearl White & Gold

Lenox Pearl decorationThe Lenox pearl white tree is an elegant and slightly unconventional ceramic decoration. It’s made from porcelain and covered in white and gold accents.

It’s covered in 24 karat gold accents, something, not most white porcelain Xmas trees have. The tree lights up and includes crystal and faux pearls all neatly tucked away in a traditional Lenox gift box.

The detail on this white ceramic tree looks impressive, and when it’s lit up, it represents an elegant Christmas ornament.

-24 Karat gold accents
-Beautiful faux pearls included
-Lights up, but does not include batteries
-Height: 11 inches
-Weight: 3.2 Pounds
-Color: white & gold



Thomas Kinkade Wonderland Express

Thomas Kinkade Wonderland
This tree called the Thomas Kinkade Wonderland Express is one Xmas decoration that will leave you in amazement. It does not only light up, but it plays music, and the train set moves.

Whether or not it is made from ceramic/porcelain is unclear, but it looks to be made from a similar type of material.

It might not a traditional vintage ceramic Christmas tree, but it depicts a picture of a Christmas wonderland with a snowy town, trees, people, trains, and Santa Claus with his reindeer flying away in the night sky.

-Exceptional detail and character
-Plays 8 different Xmas carols
-Can be lit up, the train moves and more
-Dimensions: 19.4 x 13.4 x 12.4 inches
-Weight: 8.5 Pounds
-Color: greenish with white snow and brown bottom



Pelton Crafts 11-inch Porcelain Xmas Tree

Pelton Crafts
This is a small and cute ceramic Christmas tree from Pelton Crafts with a unique range of colors. It Measures approximately 11-inches and includes a base and has snow on the branches.

Its electrical cord features an on/off switch that allows the lights to be easily operated.

It’s got a pink glaze/coloring, which makes it a unique product, unlike most of the traditional ceramic products on the list. Unfortunately, the product image on Amazon does not do it justice.

-Multicolored lights
-Electrical cord with on/off switch
-Dimensions (inch): 7 x 7 x 11
-Weight: 5 Pounds
-Pink with snow on the branches



SueSueSue Crafts 11-inch

SueSueSue Crafts 11-inch Vintage Decoration
This is an 11-inch glossy green ceramic Christmas tree that has been molded in a retro style by SueSueSue Crafts. It comes with a glossy evergreen glaze, a crystal colored 5 pointed topper, and multi-colored small lights.

Its power cord comes with an on/off switch, and it also features additional plastic little twist lights.

-Glossy greenish glaze
-Multicolored lights are glued in
-On/off switch on the power cord
-Dimensions (inch): 7 x 7 x 11



Ready to Paint DIY Ceramic Christmas Tree Kit

Ceramic painting is a great hobby that can be relaxing. There are a few product sellers featured on Amazon selling DIY kits.

With this kit, you don’t have to make your own ceramic lighted Christmas tree. Just assemble, paint, and enjoy! Here are three ready to paint DIY ceramic Xmas tree kits.

Ready to paint kit with Base

ceramic lighted xmas tree ready to paint kit
This ready to paint Xmas decoration item is an original Earthenware Xmas tree that is made in the US. It includes a bulb that shines through all the little light holes as well as a 5 pointed star.

With this ceramic product, all you need to do is paint. It also comes with various multi-colored lights which can be glued after painting to complete the tree.

-Comes with a ready to paint ceramic bisque
-Can use non-fired acrylics paint
-Can use kiln firing glazes
-Includes light bulb and 5 pointed top
-Dimensions (inch): 10 x 10 x 15



New Hampshire Craftworks large kit

tree that can be painted
This tree measures approximately 13-inches in height and is well-suited for painting using ceramic glazes or acrylic paints. Included is a 5 point golden star.

New Hampshire Craftworks displays a lot of different variations that give you inspiration on how to paint it. You can keep it all green, add a beautiful glaze, or mix and match colors.

-Includes measuring spoon and paintbrush
-5 pointed gold star at the top
-Dimensions (inch): 14 x 11 x 10.5
-Includes bulb, lights, and electric cord



In closing

Finding the perfect ceramic Xmas tree has gotten very easy with the wide range of options available. I hope this guide made finding the perfect tree easier! For more gift ideas, visit my home page. Here are some additional guides:

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