Ceramic Christmas Tree Lights, Bulbs, Bases & Other Accessories

ceramic Christmas tree lights

Collecting or owning vintage ceramic trees has always been an enjoyable experience. It has also grown in demand as the vintage trend immersed over the past couple of years. However, accessories such as lights, bulbs, stars, and even the base itself can break or not look as great over time. Maybe you’re looking for a few replacement items like ceramic Christmas tree lights.

Unlike my ceramic Christmas trees list, this will be a short guide where I show you a few lights, tree bases, and other accessories you can use to spruce up your tree. All the products on this list are available for sale on Amazon. Apart from the three bases that I’ve listed, you’ll find that the lights and other accessories don’t cost much.

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I’ve put together a table of some of my favorite accessories below. You can also scroll down the page for more products and information.


Replacement lights & bulbs

CAS lights

plastic twist bulbsI would start the list with the simplest and most general replacement lights I could find. However, don’t think these are just your run of the mill plastic lights. They are pretty popular on Amazon and come with many reviews.

These lights are what they call non-electric, meaning you need to place them inside the holes of your tree to illuminated. Each package contains 100 assorted color light bulbs. These are great and probably the most traditional shape, color, and style used all around.


Light-up birds

bird twist bulbsWith this set of accessories, you get a bunch of bird-shaped ceramic Christmas tree bulbs. This is perfect for when you want to spruce up your decoration piece and try an alternatively shaped item.

You might be wondering why I don’t mention the exact number of items contained in each package? Well, unfortunately, the product owner does not state exactly how many plastic bulb units come in each package. At least that’s how it was last time I checked.

If you have your heart set on getting these bird-shaped decorations, I advise you to read the reviews and comments on the product page for information from other buyers if this is an issue for you. It’s affordable, so I don’t think it matters much.


Assorted colors globe lights

globe shaped lightsHere’s another unique shaped light/bulb decoration: the globe-shaped bulb. The decorative light items have very long stems, which I believe will be vital to keep it from falling out of the ornament.

With each order, you get 200 of these plastic lights in many different colors. By the looks of it, this includes transparent white, blue, purple, red, orange, green, and pink.

Make sure to check the dimensions of the items and hole sizes of your lights before you order.


Crystal clear ceramic Christmas tree lights

crystal clear lightsSome people like to go overboard when it comes to Xmas decorating. Others follow a principle of less is more and might appeal to an elegant approach. I’m not opposed to multicolored accessories; I’m just saying I can understand the appeal these transparent lights might have.

Maybe you’ve got the world’s most “busy” and brightly colored ceramic Xmas tree and just want something plain to go with it. Well, that’s what you get with this set of bulbs. This product from Creative Hobbies provides you with 144 medium twist plastic transparent bulbs. Strangely enough, these are probably my favorite lights on the list.


Flower replacement lights

flower replacement lightsWith these bunch of plastic lights, you get a range of beautiful bright colored objects that are designed in the shape of a flower.

Again, I’ve only added these for some variation on your Christmas decorations.

You might need to contact the product owner or take a close look at the product listing page to see the exact dimensions of these items since, again, it isn’t mentioned.


Ceramic bases

Depending on whether you used a DIY kit or, however, your ceramic ornament is designed, you might need a new base. Even worse, it could have fallen, or the base is just beyond repair.

Thankfully you can get a base separately on Amazon for a relatively small price. There isn’t much separating these products from each other, and there isn’t much to write about if I have to be honest. Instead, I’ve created a simple table to display them below.

Pelton Crafts green large base  Mirage76 Nowell white base Mirage76 Holland green triangular base
ceramic tree green base white base triangular base

Other ceramic Xmas tree accessories

Plastic stars

ceramic christmas tree star packThe only other accessories I could think of adding to this list was this pack of plastic stars. It’s such a small ornament, but most Xmas decorations, whether real or ceramic, aren’t complete without a star or something significant at the top.

Whether it’s a little kid or even grown-up, the star or top ornament is always the thing that gets played with and touched the most.

This means it’s probably one of the first pieces that get lost or broken. Here’s a pack of 10 plastic stars in an assortment of different colors to fix just that and prepare you for any future mishaps.


ceramic tree gold starGold star topper

I decided to add this single star to the list as well. Maybe you only have one tree, and you only want one replacement star. It makes sense. In this package, you’ll get two gold stars for your tree.


It might seem simple, but if you want someone to show you how to install or replace your lights, the video below will help.


As I said, this is just a small list compared to all the products available on Amazon. I listed the ceramic Christmas tree lights and accessories that seemed the most attractive. If you’re looking for any other information regarding ceramic trees, be sure to check out more other articles over here as well.

Very often, a lot of the products are the same, which makes for a very dull list and not much to say or write about. Either way, I hope you find the accessories needed to revamp or fix your ceramic decorations in time for Xmas!