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Christmas light necklaces for personal Xmas decoration

People come up with some amazing ideas. Who would have ever thought of creating a Christmas light necklace? Just as described, it’s a necklace made from Christmas lights. With this necklace, you’re like a walking talking Christmas tree. Who would wear such a strange thing?

It’s certainly not for looking good, but more for novelty and being festive. To be honest, not sure I would wear one myself, but that’s not what other people seem to think. The one product I’m going to show you in a short while has over 1500 reviews on Amazon!

That means that people are actually buying and using these necklaces! Either way, it comes to show you that with some creativity you could create the next Christmas product hit. Here are some examples of these necklaces on Amazon.

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Here is a video to show you how these lights look in real life. Some of the necklaces can even flash the lights on and off automatically.


Windy City Novelties LED Christmas light necklace

Xmas necklace

This necklace is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It has 6 different light flashing modules or you can just turn on all the lights. Bulbs used include large 2.5″ LED lights in a range of festive colors such as green, red and yellow.

Get it on Amazon here.


Kangaroo Deluxe Christmas Necklace

women with Santa hat wearing a necklace

For a little variation, here’s another product from Amazon that looks very much the same as the one above. They do not say whether it has different flashing light modules or not.

Get it on Amazon here.




You can also get this necklace on Aliexpress and a bunch of over interesting Xmas novelties.

See it on Aliexpress here.


How to make your own necklace

If you like to make your own jewelry, give the following video a try. It shows how to create a Christmas light-themed necklace. It can also be a great idea for presents over the holidays. Keep in mind that this tutorial is for creating a real necklace, not one with LED lights.


Get ready to light up your holiday season! I’m starting to sound like an informercial. I hope you enjoy my new Xmas product discoveries as much as I do.

Happy holidays! It’s almost Christmas!