Santa Christmas blow mold head

What are Christmas blow molds and where can you get them?

When I think of Christmas blow molds, I’m reminded of those classic 1980’s Christmas movies where front yards were covered by decorations as far as the eye can see. What a sight! These decorations could be anything from Santa, snowmen, to the nativity scene and much more. In this short guide, I’ll show you some awesome blow molds to help decorate your house and look at how they are made.

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How are these Christmas holiday decorations made?

Blow molds are plastic figurines that come in various shapes and sizes. They are hollow inside and light up from the inside. The process of blow molding started in 1881 in the United States. A hollow tube gets filled with melted plastic, placed in a mold made from metal and then inflated with air.

The plastic takes the shape of the mold, it gets cooled and painted. I’m not going to bore you with any further details. However, if you really want to learn more about this process, visit

Why are blow molds collectible?

Blow molds are seen as vintage Christmas decorations and started finding popularity in the early 1940s-1950s. You’ll see in a moment that these Christmas decorations can cost a few hundred dollars. If there is anything I’ve realized about all these vintage Xmas decorations is that they can be very rare. When something is rare and there is a demand for it, it’s hard to come by and often very expensive.

With the rarity of well-maintained blow molds also comes the fact that some of the original companies that made these products are out of business. This makes them even more collectible. Also, they were often hard to take care of because of their size and storage temperatures. Read more about it here.

Where can you find a Christmas blow mold?

There are a few options available when looking to buy a blow mold for Christmas. You could try and find some used blow molds for sale on online classifieds websites such as Craigslist. If you have your heart set on going second-hand, you could also look at estate sales and online Facebook groups. If you want to buy one as quickly as possible and save yourself some effort, Amazon has a few available listings. Take a look at this:

Santa Claus Empire

Santa Claus

Apparently this Santa figurine is from the 1960s. The product listing describes it as a “genuine vintage Christmas decoration”. It’s possible that the person selling this product found an old supply of blow molds from the 60s. Either way, this Santa will fit well with most collections and decorations. It’s also 13 inches tall.

Foam Snowman

Snow man

Okay, so this isn’t technically a blow mold. It’s a snowman made from plastic foam and it does not light up. I know, it does not really deserve a spot on the list, but it’s still a cool decoration. There aren’t many products to show from Amazon so I decided to include it. The snowman is 40 inches tall.

Nativity Scene Three Wiseman

3 wise men

If you are trying to depict the nativity scene in your Christmas decoration set up, the 3 wise men are essential. These figurines can light up and are weather resistant. The wise men range from 36, 28 to 25 inches tall. These sellers also offer additional figurines from the nativity scene such as a donkey, sheep, shepherds and more.

3 piece Nativity Scene

Joseph and Mary

The last one on the list is by far the most important. It depicts Joseph and Mary kneeling over baby Jesus, our real reason for celebrating Christmas in the first place. It shows His birth in the manger. This figurine is 28 inches tall and consists of three pieces. Each piece lights up as well.

Grinch Figure

The Grinch that stole Christmas is such an iconic holiday figurine and would make an awesome addition to your decorations. With this product, what you see is what you get. It’s 24 inches tall, lights up and is great for outdoor decorations.


I know that the selection above isn’t the greatest. However, it might help you fill up your blow mold Christmas collection. You could also try second-hand options mentioned above as well. Either way, I hope you get to decorate your yard this Christmas with some awesome blow molds. Be sure to take some pictures and send them over!