shotgun shell Christmas lights

Do you like guns? Try these shotgun shell Christmas lights

I’d be the first one to admit that I know very little about guns. I probably can count on one hand the number of times I’ve shot a real gun. However, I thought these shotgun shell Christmas lights were such a creative idea that I had to blog about it!

There isn’t much to say or that separates the following products from one another. I’ve listed two options for you to choose from Amazon below.

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Before I show you some products you can get, here’s a video that shows you how the finished product looks.


More than Christmas 50 piece set light set

50 lights

You’ll soon realize that these shotgun lights aren’t available everywhere. Only one or two sellers seem to stock them on Amazon. This package from “More than Christmas” contains 50 shotgun shell lights in a variety of colors that have plugs on both ends.

The length of the lights is 10ft.

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More Than Christmas 35 piece light set

30 lights

This one is also from the seller called “More than Christmas”. This time around its only 30 lights and they don’t have plugs on both ends. The length of the lights is 7 feet.

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How to make shotgun shell Christmas lights

It seems fairly easy to create your own set of shotgun lights for Christmas. You can use old shotgun shells, some tools, and cheap LED lights. The video below we’ll help you put it all together. It could be a cool project to do with your kids, especially if they like to watch daddy shooting and like to work with their hands.

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