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How to hang Christmas lights inside windows

Hanging Christmas lights inside windows are something many people do around the holiday season. It can be an easy or hard task, depending on the window and the knowledge of the person doing it. There are actually a few simple ways you can hang your lights in your window without making it a difficult chore.

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One of the first things you should consider is the hook you’re using. If you have gutters on your home, consider gutter hooks. They can be attached right to the gutter. This is the easiest way to hang curtain lights. They leave no marks and do no damage. This is a quick and simple way to hang your lights.

Cup hooks are ideal if you have no gutters. You can simply screw them into your wall and hang most silhouettes or strings of lights. They are very useful if you’re going to use fairy lighting along the bottom or top of your window.

If you don’t want to attach anything to your wall, use wire suckers. These are a simple and no hassle way to hang your lights on the windows. You can use them inside or outside, depending on how you want to hang your lights.

It won’t leave marks on the windows either.


The type of lights you want to hang is important if you are looking for something that makes your window look nice. You can’t overwhelm them, so it’s best that you choose miniature sized lights to illuminate your window without making it too bright or too big.

If you only have one power source, consider LED lights. These will have a bluish tint to them and they are more durable and last longer than regular lights.

If you want more of a soft glow, go for the incandescent lights. These won’t last as long as LED’s, but they are a lot less harsh on the eyes.

No plugs? No problem. There are battery operated lights you can use. These are great for around the door or a window and they don’t need a power source.

Do you want more of a bold look? Try colored lights. These are eye-catching as well as functional. Here are some amazing options to choose from for Xmas!


How to hang them

The first thing you need to do is measure the windows to determine how many strands and how many hooks you will need. There are usually 6-8 hooks per window. You may need several strands and hooks if you are hanging the lights in multiple windows.

If you have access to an outside power source, hang the lights outside. If you want more of a low-maintenance option, hang the lights on the inside. You should also test the lights before they are put up. If you notice a broken bulb or a dull one, you can buy a replacement.

Connect the strands together so they fit nicely around the windows. You can measure the strands and the windows to ensure you have the right amount. Make sure they are all facing the same direction when you are putting them up so they look uniform. You should put the hooks two to three inches apart and space them evenly.

Once they are hung, plug them into the power source. If it won’t reach, run an extension cord and secure it against the home so it isn’t in the way.

Here’s a video that explains it in more detail: