Christmas candy buffet ideas

Setting up the perfect Christmas Candy Buffet

Christmas is the perfect holiday to show your creative side. For your holiday party, consider a beautiful candy buffet instead of a pastry table. A Christmas candy buffet is gorgeous, easy to do and carries a wow factor!

People are drawn to the colorful and delicious candy. Xmas theme candy is easy to get, and the selections are almost endless.

The table

Your candy buffet should be arranged on a 6’-8’ table. The table covering is either an Xmas pattern or solid colors of red or green. You can create a backdrop, with matching cloth.

On the backdrop, you can add ribbons, glitter, bows, tinsel, garland or paper snowflakes. You can also drape the backdrop with clear or colored twinkle lights for a festive look.

Candy dishes

Christmas dishes are easily found at any department store, dollar store, and most salvage shops. For the back of the table, you will need 3-4 tall dishes. If you use Xmas tree dishes, make sure you have scoops and tongs that will fit comfortably in the top with handles that are long enough to retrieve the candy when it gets toward the middle.

The center of the table is where you will place your centerpiece. You will need four dishes that are mid-sized. You will put two dishes to either side of the centerpiece. The dishes will be shorter than the ones on the back row, and perhaps more comprehensive.

Christmas theme dishes are okay, but the focal point should be the colorful candy so consider clear or colored glass with little pattern.

The front row is where you will place trays and display special candies that will be a one per guest item. Leave room on the ends of the table for your take-home bags. The front row usually will hold three containers, but if they are large, you may go to two.

chocolate covered Santa

Props and decorations

Christmas is all about glitter and glitz. Place decorative pieces between the dishes. Small Xmas trees, spread “snow” around, use clear wine glasses and fill them with little Christmas balls.

Get creative, and you will find this is the most straightforward table you ever decorated.


You can buy your candy in bulk from a candy supplier like Sweet Services. They carry all kinds of Christmas candy from colorful suckers, Christmas colored M&M’s, foil covered peanut butter cups and peppermint sticks.

You will need about 8 ounces of candy per guest. If you plan to purchase chocolates or caramels, ask the supplier about shipping time and storage. Order your sweets about two weeks before your event.


Your centerpiece can be anything from a poinsettia decorated with tall rock candy sticks to a small ceramic Christmas tree with lights. The fun idea is to bake your own gingerbread house to use as a centerpiece.

You can buy the kit to make a gingerbread house from any department store. A Xmas themed candy buffet is a sure way to bring the excitement of the holidays to your event.