Child holding a Christmas tree jigsaw puzzle

Christmas tree jigsaw puzzles for family fun

When was the last time you finished a jigsaw puzzle? I found some awesome Christmas tree jigsaw puzzles on Amazon that I thought you would enjoy.

It’s been many years since I’ve built a puzzle myself. I’m always busy doing this and that and puzzles never cross my mind. However, when on holiday or if you’d like to bond as a family, they can be a lot of fun.

There are benefits to building puzzles for both adults and kids. For kids, it helps them with a wide range of skills such as problem-solving, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, and even social development.

Adults can benefit, as well. It can help us by improving our memory, also help with problem-solving, prevent dementia, and even improve visual-spatial reasoning.

Besides that, it can feel gratifying putting in that last piece of the puzzle! In this post, I’ll show you a few of my favorites. There are tons of different puzzle designs on Amazon.

Below I’ve added a range of difficult and easy puzzle sets varying in size as well. You’ll find most sets ranging between 100-1000 pieces. Don’t be afraid to get a bigger puzzle and think it will be too difficult for the kids. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to join in, help them, and spend some quality family time together.

White mountain village Christmas tree jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces)

White mountain village

This puzzle depicts the perfect winter Christmas setting. There’s a big Christmas tree with beautiful decorations and presents around it. The ground and all the houses are covered in snow. Kids are playing outside, and the snowman is already built.

Trimming the tree dog & cat (300 pieces)

Trimming the tree dog & cat

Do your kids like animals? This funny little 300 piece puzzle shows the domesticated animals of the house lending a hand to put up the Christmas tree. Dogs and cats work together to hang decorations. It’s super cute!

The Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas (100 pieces)

The Peanuts Charlie Brown puzzle

Charlie Brown isn’t big on commercializing Christmas. You can read all about his story over here if you haven’t heard about it before. Charlie and the gang are in this puzzle, standing in the snow around a Christmas tree. It’s also only a 100 piece puzzle, so perfect for the little ones.

Buffalo Games country Christmas (1000 pieces)

farm Christmas

I think people that live on a farm will love this puzzle. Everything is covered in snow. You have a huge barn in the background, a snowman with some kind of cowboy or farmer’s hat, and a beautiful farmhouse. There’s even a red pickup truck as well.

Ravensburger Christmas cupboard by Colin Thompson (1000 pieces)

Christmas cupboard

Here’s a jigsaw puzzle set that will keep you mesmerized for hours, if not days. It showcases a cupboard with all kinds of Christmas things in it. It’s also a 1000 piece puzzle, so get ready for a challenge.

Vermont Christmas Company (1000 Pieces)

Vermont Christmas Company

The last puzzle showcases a beautiful Christmas street with kids playing in the snow, multiple Christmas trees, and houses decorated with all kinds of ornaments. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy by just looking at it.


There you have it! Awesome Christmas puzzles that you can get for the holidays to keep both kids and adults entertained!