gift ideas for children

What to get a 3 to 9-year-old for Christmas

Picking out Christmas presents for a child can be a daunting task, especially if you know nothing about them or what they like. It may not seem like it, but finding toys for a child between the ages of three to nine is simple.

Obviously, if you have kids, it’s going to be easier for you to know what you should buy. If you don’t have kids, this guide is for you.

Gift ideas for ages 3-5


First, we are going to start with the girls. Here is a list of things they most likely are in to based on age group:

Baby Alive: Baby Alive has been around for many years, decades even. These dolls are like a real baby. They can eat, pee, and sometimes talk. The hot item right now is the Baby Alive, Sweet Tears Edition. Your child can play mommy and nurse the bay using multiple doctor items such as tissues, juice boxes, brushes, a thermometer, and stethoscope. These aren’t cheap, but children love them.

Princess Everything!: Yes, most little girls love princesses. You can grab them dress-up clothing so they can pretend they are Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, and more. You can also get them the accessories to go with it such as the crown, wand, or whatever else they can hold. One of the more popular items is the Princess Duvet and Pillowcase. The comforter has a princess dress on it and it’s blank where the head would be. So even while your little girl is sleeping, she can still look like a princess.

My Little Pony: Seriously, if your child doesn’t have something that has to do with My Little Pony, then you better get to the store right away. This is another staple that has been around for decades. They can come individually or in packages. If you hear your daughter talking about Rarity or Apple Blossom, you now know it’s the name of a My Little Pony and you should probably invest in them.

Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig would be more in the smaller child range, such as 2-3, but this is a very popular character. You won’t find much, but what you do find is sure to make your child happy, especially if they spend their mornings watching the show on Nick Jr.

Minnie Mouse: Again, another staple that has been around for decades. Minnie Mouse is a popular cartoon character that your child is sure to love. They make all kinds of Minnie Mouse toys, including remote control cars and even roller skates. You can also find clothing dedicated to this friendly mouse character and even bedding.


Octonauts: This is a very popular set of characters from the Disney Jr. show called Octonauts. They are underwater creatures that drive around in their submarine exploring life under the water. It’s a very good learning experience for children between the ages of 2-5. You can get whole sets or you can buy the characters individually which include Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Shellington, Tweak, and Dashi.

Paw Patrol Anything: Little boys love Paw Patrol. These are a bunch of friendly pups that save the town from anything harmful or they go on adventures. One of the most popular toys is the Paw Patrol Lookout tower. This isn’t a cheap toy, but your little boy will love it. It comes with the tower, Chase, Marshall, Chase’s vehicle and other accessories. If you don’t want to spend that much opt for Rubble’s Rescue Mountain.

Dinosaurs: There’s just something about dinosaurs that little boys love. They are easy to find, aren’t very expensive, and they can be played with over and over again. You can even find a dinosaur that walks and growls. You can’t go wrong with dinosaurs.


Teddy Ruxpin: This was a hot item back in the 90’s and now he’s making a comeback. This friendly teddy bear has LED eyes that light up and he can tell your child stories, sing songs, and your child can also identify one of his forty emotions he can be feeling at any time. This can make your child understand what you could be dealing with on a daily basis with them. This is a pal for life if you can afford the price tag.

Duplo Logos: These legos are larger than traditional legos. They are great for tiny hands and they help with their learning skills. You can buy these in bundles or you can buy them in special building sets that can include jungles, stores, and much more. They come in both boy and girl packages as well. So if you little girl loves pink and purple, you can certainly find a Duplo set that they will enjoy. The best part is that you can buy multiple sets and your child can put them all together to make a wonderland of their own.

Crayola Magic Coloring Items: This is such a great way to teach your children how to use a pen at an early age without making a mess. These products use special clear paint that won’t show up on anything but the paper. You won’t find smudges on your furniture or the floor. They also have finger painting paint that will work in the same manner.

VTech Anything: If it says VTech, it’s probably noisy and will require batteries. One of the hot items is the VTech KidiBeats Drum Set. It’s a reasonable price and it can enhance your child’s sensory development. It plays nine melodies to play along to and it has educational modes so they can learn their letters and numbers. Be sure to buy some earplugs with it-you’ll need them.

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Gift ideas for ages 6-9


Hatchimals: They make a bunch of versions of these things. You can get the giant ones that are more expensive, but a larger animal comes out of it. They will “peck” their way out of the egg and it will break open. There is also the CollEggtibles. These are mini eggs and you can 70 different ones to collect. They also come in packs of four, perfect for stocking stuffers.

My Little Pony: More specifically, My Little Pony My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle. This large pony can speak 90 phrases, flap her wings, nuzzle, and tell stories. It’s a super cute doll that is sure to have your daughter, granddaughter, step-daughter, or niece screeching at the sight of it.

Barbie Anything: Another item that has been around for decades. Barbie is a popular item that you can buy separately or as packages that include campers, horses, bikes, and more. They are relatively cheap unless you go for the My Size Barbie. One of the more popular sets is the Newborn Pups Playset and the Farm Vet set. You can even buy a 12V ride on a Barbie car in some areas.

LOL Dolls: The craze began just a short time ago. The LOL Doll has been transformed into something huge. It started off as seven surprises in one ball and now it has worked its way up to giant LOL balls that cost more than your cell phone bill. These are actually pretty cute, but you have to get them early-they’re never found close to Christmas. These smaller balls make for great stocking stuffers as well.

Shopkins: People haven’t quite figured out what the craze is with these, but hey, they’re making little girls happy all over the world. Essentially little figurines that represent different food and items. You can get them in playsets or individually. The newest dolls released are Daisy Petals, Lucy Smoothie, and Polli Polish.


Hot Wheels: Boys love Hot Wheels. There are thousands of them that you can find. They only cost around $1 for an individual one, making them great stocking stuffers. You can also find them in games, sets with tracks, and more. The hot ticket item right now is the Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racers. They can listen to the cars rev their engines and more. It takes a simple toy and brings it into the virtual world for your child.

Drones: Drones come in all shapes and sizes. They are perfect for adults and children alike. These drones can be flown by just the palm of your hand or a remote. One of the more popular drones right now is the KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller. Your child can fly their drone with just their hand and do tricks with just the flick of the wrist. There are flashing LED’s on the glove and much more they can interact with.

Scooters: These are making a pretty great comeback as well. There are so many of them out there right now, it’s hard to keep track. Some of the more popular ones are neon light-up ones and the Space Scooter Jr. This one is for aged 5 and above. It can make your child feel like they are moonwalking. It folds for easy storage and there’s a full-sized one for larger kids.

Superheroes: Most boys love superheroes. You can find pretty much any superhero you can imagine in stores and online for them to act out and play with. They make playsets, costumes, masks, and more. Some of the popular ones include Batman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and Iron Man.

Snap Circuits: Snap Circuits have been around for a while and they are a gift that little boys who love technology will appreciate. With these, they can build over 185 projects. This is with the Elenco Snap Circuits Sound kit. They can make sound effects and more. These do have small pieces, so be careful when you are vacuuming.


Legos: Both boys and girls enjoy Legos. The best part is that they make kits specifically for girls. They are usually stores, campers, animal related, and more. For boys, there are endless kits that they can choose from. They can be superhero kits, car kits, and more.

Fingerlings: These little monkeys can be your child’s best friend. They are animatronic monkeys that respond to your movements. They can laugh, fart, burp, and more. They can come in kits or individually. They are great stocking stuffers and very affordable. However, they are difficult to find the closer Christmas gets, so grab them early.

Bean Bag Chairs: Bean bag chairs have become increasingly popular with kids since they can come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. They are ideal for kids reading nook or for their gaming area. They are extremely comfortable and the small ones can be moved from room to room.

Nintendo Switch: It’s pricey, but the kids love it. They can play with it at home and on-the-go. It makes gaming on-the-go simpler and they can watch videos while they are in the car. If they already have one or you want to get them a game for it, consider Super Mario Odyssey.