picture of a person next to a Xmas tree in Ukraine

In The Ukraine, What Does It Mean When You Find A Spider Web In The House On Christmas Morning?

If you thought the Christmas Pickle story was interesting and unique, you’ll really like the spider web story. This story comes from Ukraine and it’s about a widow.

She lived with her kids in an old hut. Outside of her home grew a pine tree and the kids were happy and excited at the fact that they could have a Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, the family was so poor they could not afford to decorate the tree. The kids went to bed on Christmas Eve knowing that they would wake up to a bare tree on Christmas morning. There were spiders in the hut and they heard the sobs coming from the family and decided that they could not leave a bare tree.

They then created gorgeous webs on the tree and decorated it with beautiful, silky pattern. When the kids woke up, they saw that the tree was beautifully decorated with spider webs.

From that day, rather than the widow feeling poor, she was grateful for the amazing gifts she already had. The story goes that spider webs in the house on Christmas morning will bring good fortune for the New Year.