Cat wearing an ugly cat Christmas sweater

Ugly Cat Christmas sweaters for cats and humans alike

I thought it was about high time that I created an ugly cat Christmas sweater post! These sweaters are always fun to wear over the holiday season. What’s even more fun is dressing up your cat as well. That sounds like a picture worth taking! Below you’ll find some of my favorite cat-themed Xmas sweaters for humans and cats alike.

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Ugly cat Christmas sweaters for humans

Santa Claws for women

Santa claws

If you’re still a bit shy to wear your ugly sweater, then this Santa Claws versions for women is a great entry-level option. It’s not too far out but still is comical. It also comes in a variety of colors such a bright pink, green and grey.

Uideazone 3D graphic long sleeve shirt

Pizza cat

Who doesn’t like cats and pizza? If so, why not put cats on pizzas and fly them through space? This sweater is totally far out and also amazing at the same time. It’s also made for both men and women. It comes in a variety of colors and different prints, each one as crazy as the next.

Christmas cats!

Santa cat

Cats can be so cute! What’s cuter than a cat wearing a Xmas costume? If you think that’s cute, check out this ugly sweatshirt. I had to include the ugly part because to me, it’s both ugly and cute at the same time. In fact, it’s actually part of the same range of sweaters as the Pizza cat one above. I just had to include it because it’s awesome!

Cat Xmas tree hoodie

cat Christmas tree hair

This hoodie is taking the Christmas and cats to a whole new level. It’s covered in a huge print of a cat with hair styled in the shape of a Xmas tree. It’s pretty far out and so unique that people will love it. Don’t look into the cat’s eyes too long, it might give you a headache!

Alex Stevens stylish ugly kitty

stylish cat

After those three colorful, crazy and probably ugly options, I just had to end it with a more traditional sweatshirt. Come to think about it, there nothing really traditional about a cat with a Santa hat and snowflakes in the background. I like it anyway! This one only comes in one color, blue and red, for men.

Ugly cat Christmas sweaters for cats

Although I like cats, I actually have two dogs but I can relate to the whole cat sweater business. I’ll never forget how my mother one day bought a sweater for my dog. It looked so cute, by she couldn’t stand the thing. She kept on shaking trying to get it off, haha. Don’t get me started on how hard it was to pull it off from her after that.

Either way, although these cat sweaters are insanely cute, please don’t force them on your cat. Some animals love the heat and are fine with something like a sweater of a little jersey, while others can’t stand them.

Knitted kitty sweater

knitted cat sweater

Have you ever seen something cuter than this? This knitted little sweater comes in brown and green and looks amazing! It fits most small cats.

Cat hoodie onesie

cat hoodie

If you have one of those mean-looking cats, but you love them to bits anyway, why not get something that fits their personality? This cat hoodie will turn your cat into the coolest kid on the block! It comes with a hoodie and a pouch in front.

PETLESO cat Xmas hat

cat Christmas hat

And finally, I’ll end the kitty list with the cutest little thing ever. It’s a cat Christmas hat. I know it’s not really a sweater, but isn’t it cute? Imagine giving your little kid or girlfriend a cat for Xmas and putting them on one of these hats. They will literally melt in your hands.


There you have it! Ugly cat Christmas sweaters for cats and humans. Be sure to take lots of family and kitty photos!