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Tips for what not to do at Xmas day

Sometimes we completely forget our Christmas etiquette, or maybe you’ve never been told what to and what not to do on the big day. After reading a post from The Daily Telegraph, it got me thinking that this list is super important.

The last thing you want to do is upset your family members during your Xmas day celebrations and turn the whole thing sour.  I’ve decided to list the best “Christmas don’ts” here and add a few of my own.

When it comes to receiving presents

It’s no secret that friends, family and loved ones often get gifting wrong. No one can tell you that every present they’ve ever received for Xmas or any other occasions was perfect. I’m not trying to sound like an unthankful snob, but you get the idea.

That being said, what do you do in situations when you receive a terrible present? This also goes for receiving a good present, because some of us are spoiled, it takes a lot to be satisfied.

I’m preaching to myself here as well. Whatever the gift you receive, bad or good it’s best to:

  • Not ask for a receipt to return the gift.
  • Not ask what it cost – this one is even worst.
  • Not to complain about how much you don’t like your present. Not in front of your family, friends or even Facebook.

When it comes to giving gifts

Not everyone has the luxury of giving gifts for Christmas. Yes, that’s right, giving and receiving presents for Christmas is a blessing. However, as a parent, keep in mind not to favor one child over another, unless some prearranged agreement was made where there is an understanding between you and your children.

If you prefer one child over the other, you’re not doing right by them. Rather be fair and give each other the same amount unless you want arguments and fights for the rest of the day.

There is probably a lot more to say here, but I think every family has there own way of giving gifts over Christmas. Our family usually only gives small presents, and I’m okay with that.

Here you’ll have to decide for yourself. Just give out of love, be fair and bless your family members.

When it comes to communication and spending time together

Cellphone addictions are a big problem among family members. However, don’t let it spoil your Christmas day celebrations. I get the fact that you want to wish your friends a happy Xmas and that’s all good.

However, it does not mean you have to chat with them on the phone all day. Send your wishes early in the morning and leave your phone alone.

For communication and enjoying each other’s company, it’s best to:

  • Not take your phone with you to the table. This includes answering it as well. You really can do without it at for the remainder of your Christmas dinner.
  • Not to spend your whole day messaging people and communicating with everyone except your family.

When it comes to preparation

I’m sure everyone has their own opinion here, but nobody likes to run around like a chicken with their head cut off on Xmas day trying to get food, plating, and everything in between ready.

Make sure you prepare in advance. For our family, this often means cooking the meal the day before. Either way, it’s usually best to:

  • Not sit around like a lazy bum doing nothing on Christmas day when your parents, siblings or family members have to do all the work. Lend a hand and help them get done so they can enjoy the day with you.
  • Not to make things hard for yourself. Plan the day’s meal and festivities ahead of time and be prepared.
  • Not to forget to put up a Xmas tree and decorations.