White Christmas holiday picture

Sunny VS White Christmas – A South African Story

What follows is a blog post from a South African perspective.

In which part of the world do you celebrate this festive holiday? Do you enjoy a snowy white Christmas or a sunny summer time? Here in South Africa honoring any occasion in snowy white conditions is next to impossible. Our weather almost never permits it, just on weird occasions.

The truth is that I prefer it that way. Since my family and I love the sun and spend summertime at the beach, our holiday season has always been celebrated near warm sunny locations.

When thinking about people from the United States or Europe I had always imagine them spending Xmas in the snow with a warm fire. They were probably throwing snowballs at each other and having Santa Clause (or whichever family member’s turn it was) come down the chimney.

That’s the typical American Xmas celebrations that media, movies, and magazines have made me imagine over the years. However, there is a pretty good chance that people in the US might also be celebrating a sunny Xmas just like me.

I mean it can’t be snowing all over the United States at the same time right? Can it?

It’s almost impossible for me to imagine a Christmas without the beautiful South Africa sun shining in my face, the warm wind blowing through my hair and my feet in the sand of my favorite beach. Check out these photos from Cape Town if you don’t believe me.

You see, it’s been nearly ten years since my family has gone to our ideal spot where we spend our holidays. Some might call me crazy for going there for such a long time. In fact, people often ask me if I don’t want to go anywhere else and usually my answer is just no.

Is it that I’m scared of change or is my summer Christmas holiday simply bliss and for me? IS there is no place better in the world? Maybe I am too set in my ways. However, for someone who’s had white Christmas celebrations their whole life with below zero weather, something I cringe at thinking about, they probably feel the same.

I’m sure many of you can relate. However, people often create a lot of hype around Christmas whether it is white and snowy or perfect summer conditions. It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Is it the location that makes an Xmas holiday unforgettable or the love and experience of family around you? If you ask someone who spent a holiday season alone if they missed their family they probably would say yes.

Maybe I should expand my boundaries and try a white Christmas, at least once in my life. I’ve always like the idea of skying in snow, snowboard and making snow angels. Typical dreams of someone who probably seen snow once in their life. At the end of the day it’s not about the location, but the love of family members, friends and those around you.

Christmas is a beautiful time and sure being at my favorite beach is fantastic, but the love and togetherness is family, and the message of Jesus is what makes it unforgettable.