Food pantry picture from the Salvation Army

How the Salvation Army helps save Christmas in the USA

There are so many unsung heroes in the world today, one of them, or rather a group that is worth mentioning in the Salvation Army.

For so many of us getting presents for Christmas is nothing new. In fact, it’s not even unusual. Many of us have gotten so accustomed to always having enough or even more than enough that we are not either satisfied with what we have or thankful for it.

Can you imagine spending a Christmas with your family not getting presents and the reason being not that you received an early one, but because your family is too poor to afford one?

In many of these poverty-stricken situations, lack of presents isn’t even the primary concern, people often go without food. You and I probably can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be not also having money to buy food for your family over Christmas.

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Then most of us complain about having to spend time, myself included, with family members we don’t like over Xmas. We have a meal in front of us fit for a king, presents, fellowship and family members who love us.

So much to be thankful for. Can you imagine how bleak it must seem to spend Christmas day in poverty without a proper meal or gifts? I think it would be enough to break anyone’s spirit if you ask me.

According to the Salvation Army’s Christmas initiative page, more than 1 million American kids go without presents over Xmas. If you think that amount is a lot, I’m assuming the numbers will be even more staggering for 3rd world countries like Africa. Unfortunately, world poverty problems can’t be solved all at once, not yet anyway, but organizations like the Salvation Army make a difference.

Through various initiatives, they help those in need by providing kids with toys and clothes, delivering Christmas dinners, helping struggling families pay certain types of bills and by hosting holiday events. All this can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Even if you don’t have access to a Salvation Army near you, I’m sure there is some outreach program to help those in need in your community. It can be at a local church or through a government program.

Whatever or wherever it is, why don’t you try and make a difference in someone’s life this year?

In my hometown, we hand out care boxes with necessary food items in it. It doesn’t cost much, and it probably won’t make such a big difference (to me at least), but it is better than nothing. If you don’t like giving money, why not volunteer your time?

To support the Salvation Army this Christmas and light up a little kid’s world, more than you could dream (think of the first time you received a present), visit their website here: