rainbow Christmas tree

Will you join the new rainbow Christmas tree trend?

Recently I read an article on The Sun UK about a rainbow Christmas tree that I found while browsing through Facebook. I checked, and it’s already available on Amazon as well.

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Check it out below.

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Some seem to like this Christmas tree a lot, while others despise it. It’s basically an artificial tree covered in all the colors on the rainbow. The one shown above has red, orange, green, yellow, blue and purple coloring.

I don’t think the idea is to make a tree for the LGBQ community, but simply to brighten things up. Something can include the colors of the rainbow without an ulterior meaning.

I get it. To some, a traditional green Christmas tree seems outdated or too traditional. For others, that’s exactly the way they want it and they have lots of memories connected to it. They won’t dream of ever having one of these trees in their homes.

According to the article from The Sun, millennials love the idea of a rainbow Christmas tree and says that it brightens things up.

I think it looks great and that this tree will get a lot of attention. It could also be a great idea to use this tree in your business for display purposes. Children will most certainly like all the colors.

What do you think?

Do you like the tree?

Do you like it enough to buy one and swap out your traditional green Christmas tree?