Christmas ornament for a party

Tips for planning an awesome Christmas party

I’m no Christmas party planning expert, but thanks to sites like Event Juice one can get a step by step plan to follow. My idea of a Christmas party is not one where there are over 100 people, but rather something small that you can host at your home.

Hopefully you have enough space to host the event, otherwise, you’ll need to hire a location, but that does not feel very personal to me. Here are my additional tips from all the research I did for planning an Xmas party in 2018 and beyond.

Start planning early

The last thing you want to do is try to plan a Christmas party a few weeks before the due date only to have the event being a complete failure with people canceling or problems with food, music or anything else.

That sounds like a nightmare. Rather plan ahead of time. Send out notifications and ask people to confirm whether they will be coming to the event ahead of time. Some recommend you do this two months in advance.


Not everyone has unlimited budgets to spend for Christmas. Chances are you’ll have to stay within that budget or else you might start the following year with more credit than you wanted. However, don’t be stingy. When you host an Xmas party the idea is to give and bless your friends and family.

It’s awesome to see a group of people together enjoying each other, spreading the Christmas cheer and having a good time. Rather try to save costs by doing some of the work yourself like decorating or making the food than to cut corners.

Decorations, good music (preferably something you can dance to that fits your crowd – a DJ is a good idea), good food, enough space to interact and move is essential.

Make it personal

No matter the cost of a gift, something that is personal and tailored specifically to one person will always be more appreciated than a general gift. Here you can get creative and try to come up with ideas that will suit your specific group of friends and family.

It can mean giving everyone a personalized chocolate or glass with their name on it or something like that. It does not have to be expensive or spectacular.

It’s just the thought that counts. I’ll leave you to think about this one.

Christmas decorations and theming

You can’t invite someone to an Xmas party without putting up some kind of decorations. This can be in the form of lights, Christmas trees, cushions, Xmas themed cutlery and more. Rather go overboard than doing too little.

It’s supposed to be a once in a year event, so don’t hold out on anything.

I hope you have an amazing holiday season party! It would be wonderful if you can send some of the party photos and I can publish them on the blog.

If you have any special tips that I have not mentioned here don’t forget to send them through.