weights for a Christmas present

Xmas gift ideas for every fitness junkie

Do you have a family member or friend you’d like to get a Christmas gift for that loves to exercise? I’ve got a few of those, in fact, you might say I’m one of them myself. That’s what makes this gift idea list especially fun for me to create.

These Xmas gift ideas are mostly for men.

Pull up bar

pull up bar

One of my all-time favorite pieces of exercise equipment is the pull-up bar. Depending on whether you are getting the Xmas gift for someone who likes to exercise at home or go to a gym, this might be a great gift.

These pull up bars come in many shapes and sizes and some can even fold up. The fold-up versions fit nicely into a box, and some can also be used indoors, hooking onto a door.

Both men and women can use them, so it’s an excellent option for a holiday gift.

Fitness accessories

water bottle

The list of accessories you can get someone for Christmas that loves to exercise is very long which makes it an excellent gift idea. You might think that getting someone small or non-extravagant accessory might not be appreciated, but my opinion is that as long as you can use it, people will love the gift.

For fitness accessory ideas you can look into fitness towels, exercise bags, water bottles, gloves, grips and much more.

Healthy food and supplements

protein shake

To a severe fitness junkie, eating healthy and getting the optimal nutritional value on a daily basis is critical. Again, to someone who does not exercise this might seem like the worst Xmas present idea ever, but trusts me, fitness junkies love it.

This could include getting them a 6 pack of protein shakes, a subscription to a healthy eating program or if they only believe in eating natural foods, something like a large pack of nuts or even fruits.

I wouldn’t mind getting this type of present for Christmas.

A word of advice, know your customer

These gifts must only be bought for people who are truly fitness fanatics who exercise on a regular basis. If you purchase any of these fitness-related gifts with the notion of motivating someone to exercise or lose weight, you might step on a few toes and make them angry.

Figure out where they are at in their fitness journey. If they are just getting started, something like a subscription to a fitness magazine might be a simple nonmeaningful gift to get them started.

Here are some ideas for girls: