Get Featured On Christmas Tree Source! Find Out How

Get featured on Christmas Tree Source!

If you would like to be featured on Christmas Tree Source or guest post on my blog, listen up! I’m looking for interesting, exciting, detailed content to post on my blog related to Christmas.

I do not want to charge you anything. I am more interested in quality content that my readers will enjoy. I receive thousands of visitors, especially during the holiday season which can help bring you some exposure.

If you’d like to guest post or be featured on my blog, here’s what I’m looking for:

Quality content – that’s all.

-Your article should be at a 500-word minimum, the more the better.

-I should not have to spend hours editing it because of bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

-It needs to cover a specific topic, question, problem, product or niche and not be vague in nature. Example: how to do this, the best product for a niche for Xmas, etc.

-Any topic needs to be related to Christmas in some way. As a tip, make your product, service, blog Xmas related so that my readers will enjoy it.

-Please only use images that are royalty-free.

-Add relevant resources, videos, websites, and blogs to the article within reason. Don’t go adding 10 links to your blog, I’ll remove them.

-Provide value and create a great article first before you start promoting your product/service/website.

How to get in touch

If you feel that you can create a Christmas related article according to the specifications mentioned above, be sure to contact me at

Remember I’m all about quality and don’t do any shady stuff. This will also not be a paid guest post as I mentioned above. I also reserve the right to refuse anyone’s content to be published on my site. So, be sure to make contact and send over a few topic suggestions first before you start writing.