Dog dressed up for Christmas

Get your pooch ready for the holiday with a dog Christmas bow tie

Immediately when dog wear’s something that is meant for humans, it’s super cute. It’s no different when you put a dog Christmas bow tie collar on them. The result next-level cuteness! Everyone immediately wants to pull out there phones and take pictures or videos. My dogs won’t like it one bit, I can tell you that. They prefer the natural look without any bells and whistles.

If your dogs are a little more patient with you making wardrobe decisions for them, then the following products will suit you. I’ve added a few bow ties for dogs below that you can use to dress up your pooch for Xmas. If you’re going to a Xmas party and want to impress the heck out of your fellow workers, take your dog along and put them on a bow tie.

Okay, enough trying to be funny. Take a look at these dogs posing for the camera. Don’t they look amazing?

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Keep mind that most of the following collars come in a range of different sizes and designs. I’m not going to mention the different sizes for each product as it will be very repetitive and boring. Simply go and check it out on Amazon for more information.

Blueberry Pet Dog Christmas bow tie collar

red and green dog Christmas bow tie collar

This collar comes in a range of festive patterns and colors. Colors used include traditional Christmas color schemes such as red, green, white and yellow. It even contains cute little patterns of reindeer, snowflakes and more.

Find more information on Amazon.


Lionet Paws collar

doggie colar

This collar provides a fun and festive design and comes in 5 design variations. It’s made from cotton fabric and has metal buckles. For some reason it makes me think of Christmas candy!

Find more information on Amazon.


Freezx collar

collar for dogs

The last collar is from FreezX and comes in two options. The one design can be seen above and is a combination of red and black while the is green, red and black.

Find more information on Amazon.


How to make a dog Christmas bow tie

To make a bow tie for your pooch you’ll need some materials, spray, an iron, needle, and thread as well as a sowing machine. This one does require some skill as sowing isn’t normally something you can learn overnight and the machines can cost a pretty penny.

Maybe take it to mom or someone you know that has one and ask them to help you out. Otherwise, buying one online might just be a lot easier.

This video will show you how to make one.


Are you ready to play dress-up with your dog? If you do, please remember to send over some photos. I would love to add them to this blog post and showcase some cute dogs! Also, if you like the idea of buying your dog gifts for Xmas, check out this list from The Spruce.