bunch of ceramic mugs

Crystal ceramic mugs – unique gift ideas for Xmas

Collin Lynch, a well-established artist at Essarai Ceramics, focuses on crafting custom ceramic mugs, bowls, and plates that he normally clusters with dazzling crystals once they are complete.

Lynch prefers to decorate his creations in 3D rather than the normal 2D patterning or illustration as he rides the fine line between sculpture and practical objects. He makes use of conventional dishware silhouettes and elevates them with glazed geometric forms protrude from them.

When you hold his ceramic items especially in your mugs, it feels as though you are holding a collection of colorful luminous crystals instead of something that is made for drinking or eating.

Here’s one of the ceramic mug. I bet you haven’t seen one of these before:

ceramic mug for a Xmas gift
Source: Mymodernmet.com

I thought this would make an excellent Christmas present, that’s if the person you are buying the gift for has a thing for ceramic objects.

Most of the stock in Essarai Ceramics consists of handcrafted mugs. These mugs are available in various colors and each piece comes with either platinum or gold handles with a neutral cup that has been glazed in white or gray.

The palette sets the theme perfectly for the vibrant layered crystals that look as though they burst out from the side of the mugs. It almost gives a much more satisfying experience when taking a drink and the brilliant colors that Lynch features in each of the mugs are sure to brighten up your day.

The Crystal mugs, bowls, and plates are available for purchase from the Essarai Ceramics Etsy Shop and they can be a very special gift to anyone close to you.

Some of these mugs look so amazing that I almost wouldn’t want to use it and rather display it somewhere in my home.¬†Although there are various types to choose from the selection available at Essarai Ceramics, there is the option of placing a custom order for those who have a more accurate design in mind.