picture full of presents for men

Christmas gift ideas for men who love the color white

Most guys have a favorite color, and whether you know it or not, it might be a great idea to use that to your advantage when buying them a Christmas gift. Can you imagine giving a guy a shocking pink pair of jeans and expect them to like it when you know that pink is their least favorite color?

The point I’m trying to make is that we often overlook the options right in front of us. That’s why I’m creating another simple Christmas gift guide for men, this time focusing on those that love the color white.

Let’s keep it simple; white is such a natural color to work with. This should be easy.

man with white shirt

When I think of having the color white as my favorite it speaks to me of a person that love simplistic designs, does not like clutter and might even enjoy modern design. For this reason, I believe we can focus on two-tone colored stylish gifts. Fashion, gadget, accessories, home, kitchen and more come to mind.

tea set

Did the guy you are buying the Xmas present for recently moving into a new apartment or buy a house? Quality items like teacups and saucers might not seem like the most glamorous gift ever, but they are handy.

Often swopping extravagance for functionality is not such a bad idea. Men are functional and like things they can use. The best part is that finding teacups and saucers in white is never a hard thing.

white watch

Take a look at some of the latest fashion trend and see if you can find any of the products in white. A few that come to mind include sneakers (low-cut sneaker are very fashionable at the moment), white watches (take a look at the one in the image, Amazon has many options), sunglasses, shirts and if they are very active consider looking at a line of activewear as well.

With Black Friday knocking at the door you’ll be able to get a lot of fashion items at very low prices.


If you want to surprise him with a Christmas gift he’s never received before you have to try out the “White Elephant Christmas” gift trend that’s been going around the web. You trick the person into thinking that they receive one gift when in reality they receive something completely different.

In the video, the presenter explains that she takes a standard glass jar, fills it with candy, but inside she puts a roll of toilet paper with a five dollar note in it. It’s entirely different and random at the same time.

I’d try it out just to see the look on my brother’s face when he realizes that he’s been tricked. Just be sure to have the real Xmas gift on handy otherwise at your next present occasion don’t expect to get anything less in return.

However, what’s wrong with having a bit of fun?

This is a very short list of men’s gifting ideas, but the point is just to get your creative juices flowing. I hope this helps you find the perfect present for your brother, dad, husband or boyfriend for a unique white Xmas experience.