light burning in the night for Xmas time

4 Beautiful Ceramic Christmas tree night lights for bedroom decoration

Every day I’m reminded that Christmas is closing in. The only problem is that I’m discovering so many Xmas decorations and have so little time to blog about them. This time around, I found out that there companies selling ceramic Christmas tree night lights.

That’s right, instead of having a free-stand ceramic tree, they’ve built them into a plug adapter that you can directly plug into the wall. As a result, you get a festive and very beautiful night light.

I wanted to show you some of the night lights I found on Amazon. Here are four options to choose from. If you do your research on Amazon, you’ll see a few Christmas tree night lights made from glass and other materials. For this list, I tried to stick to the ceramic options.

There isn’t much to say about each product, so this will be a short review post. Be sure to check out the products on Amazon since the images shown here don’t always do them justice.

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Ceramic night light by Bandwagon

green ceramic Christmas tree night light

This night light is covered in a dark green glaze, and as you can see, looks fantastic when lit up. It requires a 6-watt bulb that’s not included and comes with an on and off switch. It also includes multi-colored lights that are glued into the tree.

See it on Amazon here.


White ceramic Christmas tree night light

If you want a brighter light and don’t like dark ceramic trees, then this one from Fox Valley Traders should do the trick. Similar to the previous product, all the lights are glued into the tree. It comes with a swivel plug that can turn 180 degrees.

See it on Amazon here.


ReLive Pearlized tree

This night light from Relive is very shiny and glamorous. They call it a green pearlized light. As you can see, it looks somewhat different from the previous two products. It’s made from ceramic but looks like glass.

It also has an extended glass top, which will make it look even more amazing when lit up. Like other options, it has an on and off switch.

See it on Amazon here.


Roman glass night light

I know I said that I would stick to ceramic products, but this Xmas tree night light made from acrylic is wonderful. It comes with a bulb and an on/off switch. The tree is covered in an array of colors. It has snow on the branches, green leaves, and presents underneath the tree.

See it on Amazon here.



There seem to be endless ways of decorating your home or even bedroom for Xmas. There is! I realize that more every day. These night lights are just another way for you to do so. I hope you find great joy out of them! You can also find ceramic Christmas trees here: