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Ceramic Christmas tree classes – create your own family heirloom with

Recently I thought about how could I provide more information on the topic of ceramic trees that I like so much. That’s when I discovered a woman offering ceramic Christmas tree classes on Facebook.

What an awesome idea! I’ve heard about these classes before, but they seemed rare and very seasonal, which makes sense. The idea was to get the women that teach the classes to provide me with some information so that I could blog about it.

It’s part of a new idea I have to feature artisans and Christmas decorators. Unfortunately, she did not respond. I decided to create the article anyway.

If you’ve ever wanted to do one of these classes and create your own tree, this one is for you. People on Facebook talk about it being an amazing experience. It’s also a great way to create something that you can pass down to family members or give away as a gift.

Join me as we take a closer look at these classes, what you can expect, costs, where to find them and more.

Different types of classes explained

It seems that ceramic tree classes differ. Some offer painting sessions only, while others are more advanced and will show you how to literally create the tree.

Painting classes

Ceramic tree painting classes are probably the most popular versions out there. The way it works is that you choose and purchase a blank tree. As you probably know, trees differ in size, so you can get a small, medium or large tree. It differs between classes.

In the class, you are provided with all the tools and materials needed to paint your tree. They will also teach you how to paint it correctly, add snow, different colors, etc.

You can briefly learn more about the process of making ceramic trees here.

Here are some examples of painting classes

Recreational Art Studio

You can also discover classes in your area via Eventbrite.

This video shows you how to paint the tree or what you can expect. I would imagine it’s an awesome experience. I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing.

The whole nine yards

I haven’t found much information about these types of classes, but they do exist. Here they take you through the whole process of creating the ceramic tree yourself, baking it in the fire, painting it, etc.

If you have the time and interest, I would rather choose this version as your creating something with your very own hands. There is nothing wrong with painting classes. Not everyone has an interest in creating their own tree from scratch.

However, if you truly want to create something to give to your children and children’s children one day, this is the best way.

Here’s a video demonstration of someone making a tree.

How much do ceramic Christmas tree classes cost?

It seems that classes cost in the range of $50-$100. Keep in mind, that you often need to purchase the tree in order to paint it. Alternatively, if you feel that’s too expensive, you could buy a tree kit. I’ve listed some ceramic Christmas tree kits here.

I hope this helps you find all the information you were looking for. If you end up taking a class and creating a tree, no matter which way, please let me know. I would love to feature you in a blog post with a ton of photos!