table with ceramic pots for Christmas

4 Amazing ceramic hanging pot gift ideas for Xmas

Ceramic Hanging Pots (also called planters or hanging baskets) can add a completely different look to a house or garden. They are great when it comes to utilizing the available space you have in a room.

Ceramic gifts can brighten up a sunny wall when used with the right choice of plants and even be used to add color to areas that are tricky to decorate.

Additionally, you can also use them to grow fresh herbs throughout the winter with hanging near a sunny window. As the holiday season is almost near, you might be thinking of giving someone close to you a unique gift.

A ceramic basket is one of the many gifts a gardener or even someone with a new home will enjoy. Below are 4 out of my favorite ceramic hanging pots gift ideas.

White vase hanging air plant

white ceramic hanging pot

These pots sold on Etsy consist of beautifully constructed white empty containers that can be used as plant vases for wall art decoration. It can be attached to the wall with a hanging string and plastic hanger. It’s perfect for a living room, kitchen, or even a bedroom.

The back of each pot is flat to allow it to lay flush against the wall. Each of the pots has been made using non-toxic ceramic glazes and sealed with a water-resistant top coat for additional durability.

It does not contain a drainage hole to prevent water from leaking on the wall or floor.

Handmade purple Owl

handmade owl

This ceramic hanging owl is a beautifully designed piece of art that was cut from high fire clay and allowed to dry. The outward design was made to look like the head of an owl while the surface has facial decorations (eyes, nose, etc.) that were made using a stamping technique.

The entire piece has been bisque fired glazed and then fired again to give it a beautiful shiny purple color. This owl hanging pot is mostly suited for decorating purposes and can also be used as a trivet for hot dishes.

Ceramic mini hanging planter

hanging planter

This bright orange/red tangerine miniature plant pot has adorable dimple spots on both sides of its mouth. It lacks drainage to prevent water from dripping on the floor but can be made with drainage if required. It hangs from a length of cotton cord string onto which three handmade stoneware ceramic beads are threaded.

It also comes with two small hoop earrings. The bowl and beads are made from stoneware clay and hand painted with underglaze colors while the bowl has accents of transparent glaze on the hair, eyes, and lips.

Hanging rock


This is a ceramic pot that has been constructed into a unique cave house design. It was made from earthenware clay and fired. The glazed black gold color shows color variations of the earth when looking at it closely.

It is well suited for hanging both indoors and outdoors. The pot also comes from a series of freeform, one of a kind variation, which does not include a mold in its making.

Each of these units comes with its own unique and marvelous character not found anywhere elsewhere.


While there are still many other types of ceramic hanging pots, the above four stand out as some of the weirdest and my favorite.

Most of these pots are suited for hanging both indoors and outdoors, and while some may not come with drainage, they can be easily modified by the manufacturer to have drainage.