a picture of a baby's first Christmas ornament

Your baby’s first Christmas ornament ideas for parents

I’m not a parent yet, so I had to think twice when I read about a baby’s first Christmas ornament. Was it something people with kids do? Do they buy Xmas ornaments for babies that can’t even appreciate them properly?

The answer is yes! Come to think of it; my parents use to make small little keepsakes like that to. It’s great! It helps make family memories. It can be as simple as preparing your newborn baby’s first Christmas stocking, giving them a special onesie to wear, or hanging an ornament with their name on your tree.

In this post, I’ll show you a few ornaments you can use to celebrate Xmas with your baby and make the day super special!

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Heart-shaped photo ornament

This ornament is shaped like a heart and has room in the middle for a picture of your baby. This isn’t just great for mom and dad, but grandparents will love it as well. Its created in a typical Victorian-era style and is made with metal. The charm hanging from the heart has the words “Baby’s First Christmas 2019” imprinted on it.

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Personalized box ornament

The next ornament is very simple in design, but I like it. Here’s why. It reminds me of those wooden blocks with numbers and letters I used to play with when I was a little kid.

Although there is nothing fancy about the design, it can be personalized to make it unique. Your baby’s name goes on one side, with Christmas text on the other side. On top, you’ll have your baby’s initials imprinted.

It’s also an ornament that’s made in the USA by hand.

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Hallmark porcelain rattle

Hallmark makes this ornament. It’s in the shape of a baby’s rattle and made with porcelain. Like others before it, it also has some Xmas text on it to mark the occasion. Not only will this look fantastic hanging from your tree, but your baby will probably want to play with it too.

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Personalized Santa stocking with hat and bottle

This keepsake comes in blue, pink, and red. It shows a picture of a baby with a Santa hat and a bottle on top of the year date. It’s super cute and is even better for a baby shower!

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Baby onesie for Christmas

This one isn’t an ornament, but it’s still super cute. It’s baby clothes set printed with Christmas trees and reindeer. The top has the words “My First Christmas” written on them. It fits babies between 0-12 months, and it’s made with 100% cotton materials.

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I’m just scratching the surface with these baby’s first Christmas ornaments. There are so many more on Amazon and other stores online. I first discovered this product when I was browsing the Lenox online store. If you haven’t checked them out, be sure to do so because they have amazing products!

Go out and make some memories. Just remember to take lots of photos!