Who doesn’t like Christmas? For me, it’s not always been just about getting presents and my Christian heritage, but also spending precious time with friends and family.

This website is a collaboration of all things related to Christmas including my very own musings as well as others from around the internet. Since the blog is called Christmas Tree Source you’ll be seeing a lot of content about Xmas trees as well.

Decorations, gift ideas, tree-related how-to guides, a few DIY posts and even a review or two. Come and get ideas for your own Xmas festivities or just have some fun.¬†Also, did I mention that I like ceramic trees? I’ve even created a review about them, DIY guides and a post showing all the different accessories available.

I hope you’ll have an amazing time here on my blog and an even better holiday season to come. Also, it’s always a great idea to follow my Facebook page so that you don’t miss any new content I release.