picture of sweaters for Xmas

7 Of The Geekiest Christmas Jumpers

Over the last few years, Christmas sweaters have become as much a holiday tradition like Xmas trees, eggnog, and mistletoe. These sweaters provide levity to a party! They are appreciated in their campiness and often say something about the personality of the wearer.

Those who appreciate nerd culture are exceptionally fortunate. The market for Christmas sweaters in their respective interests are massive. Listed below are the some of the more original nerd sweaters out there.

Here are 7 super geeky and fun Xmas sweaters – all thanks goes to Christmas Jumper Club.

1. The Joker

joker sweater

Look at how happy old pale face is! I bet he got what he wanted for Christmas (explosives and more explosives)! This sweater tells the public that he’s into random crime, chaos, and women in jester outfits.

If you wear this sweater at a party, you MUST lead your guests in singing the classic Carol, “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.”

(Random party idea: have your guests wear DC comics related Xmas sweaters and then have a showing of the “Christmas with the Joker” episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

2. Star Wars

star wars top

The holidays are a time of family, and often, that family might be a little dysfunctional. One of the more famous fictional dysfunctional families in the galaxy are the Skywalkers. Weird siblings, lots of fighting and always a creepy guy in a hood.

3. Die Hard

Die Hard top

Die Hard is one of the best action Christmas themed movies ever! I will fight you on it.

Wear this sweater proud.

4. Adventure Time

Adventure time sweater

Finn and Jake have been navigating an apocalyptic, yet joyful landscape for over nine seasons. They’ve introduced us to Princess Buttercup, the Ice King, BMO, and Marceline the Vampire, to name a few.

It’s one of a few Cartoon Network shows that toes the line between being accessible to children and having just the right amount of grown-up humor to keep the adults entertained. And even through impossible odds, they find time to celebrate the holiday season.

The Jumper suggests you have a fun sense of humor, you are loyal, and that you are brave. If you’re anything like Finn and Jake, you can find the bright side of anything.

5. Star Trek Christmas jumper

star trek clothing

Wearing a Star Trek Christmas Sweater means you love science. It says you are an explorer at heart. It means you believe in the hope that there is another civilization out there. You have compassion for your fellow man.

6. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Now in its 3rd season, Rick and Morty are enjoying massive success in the nerd community. So much so, that a public relations nightmare occurred when McDonald’s, to be “with it,” brought back their discontinued Szechuan sauce for one day only, because it was referenced in an episode of the show.

The supply did not meet demand, and as such, were figuratively lit on fire Via Twitter and Facebook. Rick and Morty’s fans are Crazy. Wearing a Sweater like the one above may mark you as one.

7. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones sweater

Winter is coming. So, that means it’s going to get darn cold. aIt’s either a sweater or a dead animal’s fur. Take your pick.

What’s fun about G.O.T. Xmas sweaters is that, like Harry Potter Hogwarts houses, declaring what family house you support says a lot about you. Maybe you are loyal to a fault, as the Starks. Perhaps you are quick-witted, like the Matriarch of House Tyrell. Or like the Lannister’s, you enjoy the occasional incestual relationship with your twin.

In any case, prepare for Christmas and the occasional odd look from your sibling. Wear the Sweater and bend the knee.

Christmas is a time of hope, happiness, and compassion. It’s also a time for Fun. A time to read the abridged version of “A Christmas Carol” (with pictures, of course). A time to revel in the awfulness of “The Star Wars Xmas Special.” A time to wear your heart on your (knitted) sleeve.