Christmas Tree Skirt history and interesting designs for 2017

red and green Christmas tree skirt

Christmas Tree Skirts are a trendy decorating item during the Xmas season. They are completely functional and add a little extra character to other living room decorations. Though its exact origins remain a mystery, some historians have stated that Christmas tree skirts most likely originated from Germany, which is also where the decorating of trees started.

During those days, real candles were used to decorate Xmas trees. However, using candles meant that there was a chance that a little fire might break out and to prevent this, a mat would be placed under the base of the Xmas tree. These mats were also used for collecting wax and needles that fell out of the tree.

At first, the mats used under trees were not for decorative purposes, and they were simply a piece of fabric that was placed beneath the tree which was washed and recycled when the holidays were over. At around 1879, Christmas tree stands began to be used on most trees and thus led the standard mat to evolve into the tree skirt. In addition to being able to collect wax and materials that fall off, the skirt also helped to hide the unattractive tree stand.

During this time, Christmas tree skirts started becoming more decorative and ornate as families embroidered or quilted their tree skirts to match the decor in their homes. Eventually, the Christmas tree skirts also began to be used for placing additional decorations such as a Xmas village or a vintage manger scene. As the tradition of Xmas evolved and people started placing gifts under a Xmas tree instead of hanging it from the tree, Christmas tree skirts became an important decorating item for putting gifts.

At first, gifts would be hung out on the tree on the early weeks of December and then placed on the Christmas tree skirt on Xmas Eve.

If you like sewing, here’s how to make a skirt for this Xmas.

Attractive Christmas Tree Skirt Designs for 2017

Nowadays, Christmas Tree Skirts are used mostly as a means of decoration to hide the unattractive tree stand. In a lot of homes, Xmas manger scenes get placed elsewhere; gifts gain the most attention under the Xmas tree. Below are three interesting Christmas tree skirt designs for 2017.

Festive Christmas Tree Skirt by SewCraftyJess

This Christmas tree skirt measures approximately 60-inches in diameter (can be increased depending on preference). Its fabric consists of different red and green prints. The binding is made of a bias cut red and white striped fabric which can be found at Joann Fabric Coupons. It also has a straight line quilting that measures 1/4 inch on each side of the seam.

Batik and Velvet Patch Tree Skirt by Sew 4 Home


This Christmas tree skirt design features Victorian Velvet and Xmas Batik fabrics from Fabric Depot. Decorating homes using Batiks has grown familiar in a lot of households with various manufacturers coming up unique designs. The motifs are somewhat larger, and the colors might be a bit bolder from what you would normally expect from a traditional batik, and it manages to give a festive look. Read more about it here.

Mini Xmas Tree Skirt by Melissa Peda

This Christmas tree skirt design is perfect for small trees. It is also a great size for the holiday table centerpiece. Other additional decorations such as candles and plants would fit nicely into this quilted skirt. The design can also be made to be a bit more creative by choosing fabrics, mix matching fabrics, and adding embellishments such as beads, buttons, yo-yos, etc. Here’s the post talking about this design: