The Xmas Lights Product And Show Compilation

No Christmas celebration is complete without a few Xmas lights. You don’t have to go overboard and have the best lights in town to fully enjoy it. It can range from a light covering your house from the inside out (the ultimate) or it can be something small like placing a small string of lights around a ceramic Christmas tree on your dining room table. Needless to say, the options are almost endless. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing illumination products available online and a few light shows to give you inspiration and set the mood.

Some towns and families go all out when it’s time for setting up Xmas lights. These few videos I’ll list for you here will leave you in amazement. No wonder people drive around during the holiday season experiencing all the beautiful decorations.

The Johnson family from San Antonio decides to create a Dubstep Xmas music experience for visitors and people of their town. It’s a weird genre to follow for the holidays, yet the video became so popular that it received over 4 million views. This was shot back in 2015.

Here’s also another video from Trista Lights that was also featured in ABC recorded in 2016. It didn’t as many views as the Dubstep video, but it’s still a fantastic experience to watch. They did a great job to match the music to the light show. I wonder if neighbors don’t get irritated by it?

Now that you’ve got the inspiration, are you ready to create something similar? Okay, I’m just joking, nobody expects you to match those decorations. It must have cost the owners a fortune and what about the electric bill? Personally, I like a softer touch when it comes to decorating. Here are some products from around the web that might help.

These Crystal trees are almost better than my favorite ceramic Christmas trees, almost. Don’t the look pretty? You’ll laugh at the prices these products are being sold at. On it costs $0.99. I’m sure the seller will ask you to pay an overly optimistic shipping price, but still, it’s a great deal. I’m not certain if it is made from glass or plastic. Since the price is so low, I’ll assume it’s made from plastic. If you place a few of these around your home or even one in each of your bedrooms, wouldn’t it light up the place?

These little light-up snowmen are the cutest! These cost less than $5 each and come with a battery. You can have a blast decorating with these snowmen. Buy between 10-20 of them and place them around the house or outside for the kids to find. I also like the fact that there are different lighting colors available. The chances are that they are randomly selected though.

See it here:

The Christmas light list would be at useful without a hanging option. Compared to traditionally shapes options these snow flaked shaped lights can be used indoor or outside to light up a house or room with very little effort. They are the most expensive product on the list, but for $3-$5 you can get a 2.5-5 long led pack.

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